A reprieve from the wank

Cuz it's about damn time

People Against Wanky Fans + Fandoms
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Enjoy being a fan in a fandom without dealing with ANY wank.
This community is for everyone who is sick and tired of wank. You like an actor/actress? YAY! We don't care. You like a character no one else does? YAY! Join the club. You like a pairing that makes everyone give you 'the eye'? Not here. You can post any and all graphics/art/icons/fics/vids and anything your twisted little minds can come up with. We want it.
The catch?
No wank. No bitching, no bashing, no antagonistic discussions and arguments.
You're here because you're sick of it all.
If someone posts something that you're not fond of, don't read it. If you DO read it (dumbass), don't comment negatively on it, unless it's CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. If it's put in a way that's not derogatory towards the poster and is helpful, MORE YAY!
Anything that MIGHT be considered offensive towards anyone MUST be put under a cut.
ie; Not everyone likes slash, so lj-cut is good. Not everyone like het, so lj-cut is also good.
You're welcome to post anything you like as long as it's not anything illegal or over that line that we all know is there.
This is multi-fandom, so I don't wanna hear Dr. Who fans ganging up on Lost fans.
We're here, we're weird, get used to it.

Any and all mods reserve the right to boot your ass if you're being a retard/wanker.

Headers/Graphics that have been done by mods/members.
All are sharable.
Pimp away.

By agt_bush

By cologne_chick