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Dollhouse 1x01

Was anyone else as confused at the end of that show as I was?
I mean, I hate when new shows spend the first one or two episodes explaining everything about all the characters to everyone in couch-land, but I think Joss went a little overboard with the 'sink or swim' deal.
Although, it IS the first show, so I'm not too sure what to expect.

So far, the CONCEPT looks good but... spoileryCollapse )

New SPN RPG site

Hey Im sorry for advertising coz you know lame but i am advertising because i think this site is fun and we need more characters! sorry! dont look under the cut if your not interested! Seriously!

Read more...Collapse )


Kripke/Castiel crack!porn for Rabi and Crystal :D

Title: How to make a Deal
Rating: NC-17
By: shadecat
Word Count: 2285
Summary: Kripke/Castiel. Kripke has to deal with a visitor with an ultimatum. What's a producing God to do?
Warnings: Slashy. Cracky. Completely retarded.
Notes: I do not own Kripke or anyone in this story. :/ THIS MAKES ME SAD!

Fake cut to story

Feedback is good, even if it's bad. DON'T WANK ME BITCHES!


Danneel says "Vote for Supernatural"

Danneel Harris is encouraging Supernatural fans through 2 fansites to vote for their favourite show at the People's Choice Awards.

" Hey,thanks so much for doing the website! Its cool.I especially like all the moving pictures!
I was wondering if you could do a small favor for me. Supernatural(my boyfriend's show) is nominated for a people's choice award. yay! If possible..can you put up a link asking people to vote for the show.
I included a pic so you know its me.
thanks again! D "

Pictures are under the cut! :)

Because here no-one is entitled to harsh my squee ;DCollapse )

SOURCES: http://www.miss-harris.com/ && http://danneelharris.net/



Mods, delete if not allowed...
oh, wait... never mind xD

Sign up if you want to.

Alrighty girls.

timeblind and I are thinking about starting a poll/petition.

We'd like to have a Supernatural Convention out here in good ol' Vancouver.
Now, I know most of you aren't from here, or even from Canada, but I know y'all probably know someone who is. Or someone who can get here more easily than somewhere in the states.

I'm not sure if it would be a PAWFF event or if it would just be a general fandom convention, but I'd like some feedback.

We're thinking of making a poll to figure out if this is doable.

A) Would you go to an event in Vancouver.

B) Would you be willing to pay for tickets so we can finance the actors appearance.

C) Which Supernatural characters or crew would you like to appear.

D) Should this be a one day only thing or a weekend event.

Not sure of any other questions yet, but it's a start.
So yeah.
Spread it around and give any/all feedback regarding it. Cuz I think it's about time there was a Canadian event, dammit :P
*waves a maple leaf*


Is it just me, or is it about time Bones and Booth got it over with and just had nasty dirty sex?

Just in case..Collapse )

I am so happy to find this community!

This is definitely a fantastic idea for a community! I can't believe someone hasn't created one before!

So here is my post about Supernatural 4x09! And I am looking forward to meeting more people who still love the show as much as I do!

Click to share in my excitement!

Spoilers = YAY!

Taken from hearditbothways's lj who got it from sacrament666..
You guys make me happy in my pants.

3 clips of 4x10 of Supernatural

Someone please give me some ice to sit on so my panties don't explode again.


Spoilery thoughts and desiresCollapse )

Supernatural Stuff

As I'm going to be speaking of tonight's episode...

I'll actually follow my own rules and cut itCollapse )

Now I find Bones and watch it cuz I missed it last night.
*goes searching*
I love my Sweets.
*smishes Sweets*

Get the Ball rolling

Okay so I really like the Idea of Non Wank fandom sharing coz sometimes it can get a little heavy.

So to get the ball rolling i decided to start with a spoiler theory for Supernatural

click here for the spoilery thoughts!Collapse )

Any way its just a theory and hopefully its not too wanky for this community please delete if it is!

Well hello thar..

And welcome to a wankless world.

The object of this community is for anyone of any fandom to talk about their fave chars, actors, pairings without being bitched/wanked on.

There is NO discrimination in this community.
I WOULD like for there to be respect.
If you want to post something slashy, not everyone may like it, so please put it under a cut.
Same with anything overly het/gen.

Because some people DO NOT like to be spoiled, if you're going to post any, place under a cut.
I have no objection to the posting of it, but if you spoil someone who doesn't want to be out of negligence or idiocy, I'm kicking your ass out.

Anyone starting any wank = Boot to the head/ass.
Other than that, play nice and have fun :)